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Wed Oct 30 11:23:09 GMT 2002

 So the 56-1-14 for Wells tenor originates from Taylors in 1877 – 
it is the orginal "as supplied" weight. Presumably it was cast with 
canons, which have since been removed when the iron headstock was 
fitted; therefore the weight will have been reduced.
As to the 1891 photograph of the back bells outside the 
Cathedral, they would have had to have been lowered for the 
replacement of the frame, and so may not have left the Cathedral 
premises. Does anyone have further details of the 1891 rehanging? Did 
Blackbourne & Greenleaf replace the gear? Was the work done in the 
tower? Similarly, how about the replacement of the headstocks of the 
back two that Matthew reports from 1945 ?
>From the available evidence, it would seem that the 
correct "official" weight of Wells tenor should be something like "54 
cwt approx".
Any comments?


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