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Pretty sure the 1877 tenors were cast without canons - but, yes, 56-1-14 is=
an "as supplied" weight

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So the 56-1-14 for Wells tenor originates from Taylors in 1877 -=20
it is the orginal "as supplied" weight. Presumably it was cast with=20
canons, which have since been removed when the iron headstock was=20
fitted; therefore the weight will have been reduced.
As to the 1891 photograph of the back bells outside the=20
Cathedral, they would have had to have been lowered for the=20
replacement of the frame, and so may not have left the Cathedral=20
premises. Does anyone have further details of the 1891 rehanging? Did=20
Blackbourne & Greenleaf replace the gear? Was the work done in the=20
tower? Similarly, how about the replacement of the headstocks of the=20
back two that Matthew reports from 1945 ?
>From the available evidence, it would seem that the=20
correct "official" weight of Wells tenor should be something like "54=20
cwt approx".
Any comments?


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