mikechester_uk mike at m...
Thu Sep 5 22:24:19 BST 2002

> The most unusual box award must surely go to Corley - not being a 
> particularly svelte individual I rang from the pulpit (can't 
> which one now!

Corley is about 2/3 miles from where I live. I can confirm, without 
any hesitation, that it only has one pulpit!


PS I assume you mean a bell, probably the 2nd. I've the unique 
record of circling this tower to both peals and quarters. No-one 
else is stupid enough! They are an awful ring! I am pleased that I 
rang the 2nd to a peal when it was decorated for Christmas and not 
once did I smack my head off the pulpit! I hope to record the bells 
at some point and then to place their unique sound on the web. 1ish, 
2ish, 3ish, 4ish, bash is a fair approximation!

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