[Bell Historians] Re: The Earliest Ring of Bells

Mark Humphreys mark.humphreys at b...
Fri Sep 6 07:57:16 BST 2002

> --- In bellhistorians at y..., "mikechester_uk" <mike at m...> wrote:
> > I was asked in the pub after practice tonight where is the earliest
> > recorded "ring" of bells, i.e. hung for full circle ringing
> > with "several" bells in the ring. I don't where it came from, but
> > Crowland Abbey sprang to mind. I bet I'm wrong, but I also bet
> that
> > someone on the list knows the right answer!

If we're talking complete rings, New College, Oxford, were an eight cast by
Michael Darbie in 1655. Unfortunately, four of these survive, seemingly
untuned since. They are said to be the first eight cast by one founder at
one time.

Otherwise, isn't it Bart's, Smithfield?


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