[Bell Historians] The Earliest Ring of Bells

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Fri Sep 6 10:55:56 BST 2002

> Isn't the six at St Swithins Worcester a complete six cast in the sevcenteenth century?

They're old, but of several dates as I recall - rather a nice sounding
old-style ring, I thought. No doubt CJP will have details of them.

> If we're talking complete rings, New College, Oxford, were an eight cast by
> Michael Darbie in 1655. Unfortunately, four of these survive, seemingly
> untuned since. They are said to be the first eight cast by one founder at
> one time.

What date are the bells at Merton College? Aren't they reckoned to be
the oldest complete octave surviving?

> Otherwise, isn't it Bart's, Smithfield?

Aren't they reckoned to be the remnant of a larger ring - borne out by
the fact that they are in a major key but this was before the major mode
came into use, although I suppose they could have been intended to be


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