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Mon Sep 9 12:16:51 BST 2002

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As has been discussed on the list in the last few months, keynotes as given
in Dove are not a very accurate method of expressing pitch. For the rings of
12 site, I am compiling a list which gives keynotes of rings of 12 or more
bells in the form:

note (deviation, in cents, from International Standard Pitch) ((frequency,
in Hz)).

Obviously, the frequency is usually that of the tenor nominal, with the
exception of mini-rings where the hum is used - where this is the case it is

The list has already been circulated to various people, and thanks to them
for their contributions. The current version is attached to this email, and
if anyone can add any information I would be pleased to hear from them -
please contact me off list (djb122 at y...) - there's no point in putting
it on the list as it will all be going online shortly anyway.


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