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 --- Ben Willetts wrote: 

So my considered opinion as a keyboard AND string musician is that it is
technically more accurate and logically easier to say that there is no
difference between C# and Db when referring to the tenor note of a ring of

I also absolutley agree with this, as a keyboard and (lapsed!) string musician. Perhaps we can stick to a convention for classifying the keys of rings, ie A,Bb,B,C,C#,D,Eb,E,F,F#,G,Ab, (probably the most commonly scored keys?) but also be sure to correctly assign the notes of each bell within the ring according to the designated key (eg E# instead of F in a C# ring). Not only is this approach logical, it is easily understandable as it is in line with conventionally scored music. Musicians understand that (on a keyboard) E# relates F; anyone wanting to classify the keys of bells should understand that too.

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