Tenor keynotes

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Wed Sep 11 12:12:53 BST 2002

Ben Willets and Michael Wilby have I think made the definitive 
statements here and I applaud their clarity.

A point made to me in a private email (this rather unimportant 
subject has generated a LOT of debate) is that one of the things a 
bellfounder thinks about when deciding which of a pair of enharmonic 
notes to give as the tenor name is to avoid double sharps or double 
flats on the notice for the tower!

It reminds me of a discussion I had a few years ago with a 
bellfounder. I was pontificating on the positioning of a bell on it's 
headstock to minimise doublets. 'We usually' said the bellfounder 
with a sniff 'position the bell on the headstock so the inscription 
can best be read'.


Bill H

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