Minor rings

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Wed Sep 11 13:22:52 BST 2002


> I think Michael has the best suggestion here. These are the sorts of lines
> that I shall be converting my web pages to follow. However, this should be
> true for Major scales. Interestingly, Minor scales follow a different
> convention for keynote, e.g. D flat minor is the convention, not C sharp
> minor. Fortunately there are not many of these!

Are there any? Other than those such as Worcester where the minor ring is
created by the use of accidentals. While on the subject of minor rings, are
there any of more than six, other than those created in 12s by using
accidentals? I don't know of any. As regards minor sixes and below, that is
another area where Dove is not too useful - it seems to apply that label to
any ring which is not major!


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