Oxford (ChCh) Tenor

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Wed Sep 11 17:22:25 BST 2002

Michael Wilby:
> It seems that 31-0-23 is the correct weight for
> the bell in its current state. It "goes" every lb
> of that too...

Oh golly, I have to tell this story. I went to ring at Christ Church 
on an Oxford open day, many years ago. Rounds was called for, and a 
little old lady went for the tenor. 'What does it weigh?' she asked, 
and 'Thirty hundredweight' was the reply.

Well, she couldn't even get it off the balance, so some friendly 
bystanders pulled it off for her. The bell dropped like a stone, 
there was rope everywhere, and the little old lady had to be 
comprehensively rescued both for her own sake and to ensure the 
safety of the rest of the band.

As she crept away, somewhat crestfallen, she was heard to 
mutter 'That bell goes very badly for THIRTEEN hundredweight'.

Bill H

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