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MessageI used to ring regularly at St.John the Divine when I was a studen, =
and the weights displayed in the tower were 4-2-27, 5-0-17, 5-1-12, 5-2-20,=
6-3-11, 7-3-8, 9-1-23, 10-2-16, 14-1-21 and 21-2-0 (not 21-0-0 - interesti=
ngly). I always assumed it was an exact weight, since the pucker weights we=
re given for all the others. The weights had been shown on a framed notice=
for quite a long time, so there was no secrecy here.


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Peterborough is a bit puzzling. I don't think Whitechapel retuned them, =
but possibly they were weighed afresh. It's unusual for bells from any foun=
dry to increase in weight on being weighed again!=20

Perhaps 21-0-0 was given because Taylors hadn't released the weights then=


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