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Pat Cannon, the legendary self-styled "tenor king", rang several tenors tha=
t suffered weight loss when actually weighed. But there was one exception -=
and a real bender it was, too. After Pat rang it, he challenged Chris Kip=
pin to ring it for a wager - which he duly won

Always reckoned to be 23 cwt, Edington actually turned out to be 24-0-24 !

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. . . and to confound those doubting Thomases who claim that tenors=20
of uncertain weight get heavier with every peal: Rostherne tenor was=20
always supposed to be 17 or 18cwt, but hadn't been out of the tower=20
for centuries. When I was a lad, I always assumed this was 13cwt of=20
bronze and 5cwt of bravado. When I went there the other day to take=20
recordings, I discovered that when E&S rehung it a while ago they=20
found it was HEAVIER, I see it now appears in Dove as 20-0-0 (without=20
the cwt).

Bill H

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