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Thu Sep 12 21:55:35 BST 2002

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>Pat Cannon, the legendary self-styled "tenor king", rang several tenors that 
>suffered weight loss when actually weighed. But there was one exception - and a 
>real bender it was, too. After Pat rang it, he challenged Chris Kippin toring 
>it for a wager - which he duly won
>Always reckoned to be 23 cwt, Edington actually turned out to be 24-0-24 !
Ask GKD for the full story. APC wagered £5 or the like that they
couldn't ring 7 Surprise on them. In the end I think that 1 extent of
Cambridge & 6 of plain bob were rung. APC said that this performance
wasn't worth a fiver but only a quid, anyway that was still enough money
at the time to give the church a reasonable donation and to buy enough
beer to get GKD et al a bit "whizzed up!"
Colin Turner

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