[Bell Historians] Largest Town without a ring of bells.

Mike Chester mike at m...
Mon Sep 23 13:55:56 BST 2002

--- In bellhistorians at y..., "David Bryant" <djb122 at y...> wrote:
> > Perhaps we might exclude places that used to have a ring?
> Weren't they nicked after the body of the church was gutted by 
fire? I seem
> to recall that the details of them and a picture of the church are 
> Robinson.
> David

Three, I think, bells were stolen after the church was gutted by 
fire. The other 5 were put in "safe storage" by the Diocese - 2 
being stolen from there! The remaining bells' metal was used in the 
rehanging and augmentation of Whickham.

The church was "restored" and became offices. The frame is still in 
situ and theoretically a ring could go back into the tower.


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