[Bell Historians] Re: St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey

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Mon Sep 23 17:14:30 BST 2002

 --- "LOVE, Dickon" <DrLove at s...> wrote: 

OK - another topic for discussion ... which do people
think was the ASCY's
leading (known) tower by 1825?

Well at a guess it would be St Bride's, but peal
ringing there was a bit patchy in the late 18th
century and had dried up for the first half of the
19th C. I don't think that many CY peals were rung at
Southwark or at St Martin-in-the-Fields up until that
point either. It does seem that London peal ringing
in general was at a low ebb at the start of the 19th
century - anyone know why?


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