Leading CY tower prior to 1825

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Tue Sep 24 12:15:15 BST 2002

> ... St Bride's ... out of the 400 or so peals
> researched, rung before 1825, 41 were at this
> leading tower...

Ah well, I thought to myself. College Youths peals before 1825? I 
assume that includes both senior and junior branches ... Can't be any 
of the eastern towers like Shoreditch and Stepney and Bethnal Green 
because they were t'other lot ... likewise St Mary Overie and SMITF, 
everyone rings there. St Brides? Well, they did lend them out 
sometimes, despite supposedly keeping the trebles chained up. 41 
peals - well, that must be a tower near some Minster or other, and 
again, lots of other societies rang peals there. No, on reflection, 
and after staring out of the window at St James Clerkenwell and 
sucking my teeth, I have decided the answer must be . . .


How did I do?

Bill H

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