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Fri Sep 27 16:43:56 BST 2002

Taking a tangent off the Wormhill thread...

George Dawson quoted Jewitt as describing the location of the 
inscriptions on the six Taylor bells at Wormhill thus:
"In Roman capital letters in one line round the haunch."

Now I know of other body parts that are used to name bell parts 
(mouth, lip, tongue, waist, shoulder, crown?, head?), but this is the 
first time I've seen "haunch" used.

One dictionary definition for "haunch" says "the top part of the leg 
between the knee and the waist". That's not helpful--I've never seen 
a bell with knees. An older dictionary defines "haunch" as "The hip; 
that part of the body of man and of quadrupeds, which lies between 
the last ribs and the thigh." That seems to fit better--perhaps 
Jewitt was using the word to refer to the outer curve of the sound 

Comments? clarifications? other body parts used in reference to bells?

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