[Bell Historians] Clocking

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Sun Sep 29 00:31:02 BST 2002

> Does this description apply to tower clocks (or turret clocks) in the
> UK? Or do they have a different sort of striking mechanism?
> (Unfortunately, during my stay in the UK I never had the opportunity
> (or the desire!) to investigate the details of any tower clocks.)

It varies, but if the bell is hung for ringing the hammer will usually
strike the bell either opposite the wheel or on the same side as the wheel,
striking between the spokes. Some hammers rest on a spring, as you say, and
a pull wire to keep them held off is generally used when the bells are to be
swung to make sure they don't strike. Sometimes drop hammers are used, which
rest on the bell when not striking, and these likewise are pulled clear of
the bells by a pull wire before ringing to hold them out of the way.


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