[Bell Historians] Re: Steel bell at St Peter's Italian Church , London

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Mon Sep 30 17:21:04 BST 2002

"It is sad that many people "rubbish" Naylor Vickers work 
nowadays,when in fact there are some good examples of their work 
still in existance."

One of the interesting things about this monster bell that Bill and I
remarked on was the ratio of rust to metal in the bell. Clearly, the larger
the bell, the lower the ratio of rust to bell, and therefore it stands to
reason that the tone is not diminished as much. The St Peter's bell really
sounds magnificent for a steel bell - and I guess it is partly because it is
so big.

Some fine views across London were commanded from the roof of the church -
notably St Paul's with the Old Bailey and St Sepulchre's in the foreground.
It makes me wonder whether there is anywhere where a photo of all the
ringable towers in the City could be easily taken (I don't count a panaroma
from the top of Tower 42 as easy!!) Maybe we will have to wait for the
construction of the Tower Bridge Tower.


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