[Bell Historians] Electronic bells

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Tue Apr 8 22:48:33 BST 2003

> But what about this-about ten years ago,I was working my
> way through looking at bells in the churches in Preston,Lancs.
> I arranged to look at a single bell installation,but when I got
> there,the bell had been removed a couple of weeks before and had been
> sold.
> Talking to a ringing cleric who lived in the area at that time
> revelealed some amazing information-the church in question had no
> permission to remove the bell and sell it,nor had they applied for
> permission. The information had been kept in the parish until my
> visit.

Churches can get a severe bollocking for this sort of thing - the faculty
system is designed to prevent it. However, if it's already been done there
is little in a case like this that can be done to remedy it, short of trying
to get the bell back. In some cases (including one with which I was slightly
involved a few years ago, not involving bells), a confirmatory faculty is
granted afterwards to 'legalise' what has been done.


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