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"In our last report we mentioned the need for a learned journal conprising
shcolarly research on bells and ringing, suggesting that the type of
articles we envisaged would include in-depth material which would make them
generally unsuitable for publication in The Ringing World. This proposal has
received mixed reactions, but we still fell it has merit and deserves
further investigation."

Any comments?

I think that there could be a place for such a journal. The Ringing World
has to be all things to a very wide spectrum of ringers, and too much of one
aspect can bring cries of 'boring!' from others.
There seems to be a great deal of unpublished material on bells, and often
the only way to obtain it is by word of mouth.
Where else can such information be published? County Archaeological Journals
have done so in the past, and may well oblige in the future, but how are
such articles going to reach the wider world. The Bellhistorians website
may be an answer, but this is only a limited audience. Is there perhaps
scope for collecting and indexing such articles so that people are aware of
them? It would certainly be cheaper than producing a Journal.
If such a journal is produced, what are the publishing criteria going to be?
Are the articles going to be properly refereed, edited and proof-read. If
so, who will do this? Will it be acceptable?
Finally there is the problem of getting people to actually WRITE. How many
interesting articles are lying around as notes because the collector either
has not the time to do anything more about them, or has too little faith in
their ability to do so? Is there a place for ghost writers?

Anne Willis

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