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Thu Apr 10 14:21:58 BST 2003

Where else can such information be published? County Archaeological Journals
have done so in the past, and may well oblige in the future, but how are
such articles going to reach the wider world. The Bellhistorians website
may be an answer, but this is only a limited audience. Is there perhaps
scope for collecting and indexing such articles so that people are aware of
them? It would certainly be cheaper than producing a Journal.

The above is a bit discouraging have a look at the following web site :


This was announced in the RW and on the Historians and change ringers lists!
There is even a link on the Bell Historian's web site!

Was all this work a waste of time?

>From : John Ketteringham MBE, PhD of Lovely Lincoln in Lincolnshire, England


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