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Fri Apr 11 14:53:20 BST 2003

I think we're in danger of losing sight of the fact that in bibliographical terms, there is now an immense amount of useful information readily available in a range of media and formats. That this is so is a considerable advance, and thanks are due to the two Johns (Eisel and Ketteringham) and to David Bryant for what they have done on our behalf.

Let's value it for what is there, rather than quibble about what isn't. These things can always be improved, but to focus on deficiencies is to overlook the real value of the core resource. Avoiding unnecessary duplication is, of course, good sense - and users need to be aware of the distinctions between the different pieces of the information jigsaw

But, hey - it's Friday, and the ASCY informal dinner tonight, so let's not get too serious


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