[Bell Historians] Gloucester, St John

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Sun Apr 13 18:31:09 BST 2003

> The old 4th bell went to St George, Tuffley, Gloucester but was never
installed. In 2001 the church authorities contacted the Keltek Trust as they
wished to dispose of the bell. As it was a useful size and weight we also
wanted to acquire it. We suggested that they make contact with the DAC bells
adviser (Mary Bliss) and that was the last we heard until we were told that
the bell was going to be sent to Tanzania; presumably the Gloucester Diocese
had a request for a bell and they decided to send this one.

Presumably the bell must have been given or sold to Tuffley church by Mary
Bliss, as according to her book the complete ring from St John's were bought
from the church by her and Fred Sharpe.


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