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I would suggest an founding Editorial Committee of 3-4 to deal with
commissioning articles (and, of course, finding funding and other 
details). Then, a separate Content Editor to deal with contributors' 
contributions and typesetters etc. I edit a similar type of journal
(specialist area within Musicology), but which is on a smaller 
scale. We
have 2 on the commissioning side (share the blame and the risk!), one 
whom (me) then carries out the content editing.


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> "One final point which I wish to make is that many specialist
> journals (e.g.
> the Journal of Church Archaeology) are published under the auspices 
of a
> formal society, in this case the Society for Church Archaeology. In 
> history, we have no such society, and this list is as close as we 
get to
> one."
> Yeah! Let's get the Society of Bell Historians underway.
> We could get t-shirts printed: "SoBH - just makes you want to cry".
> Then we could publish a journal with SoBH Stories.
> In time it could become a Royal Society :)
> DrL (just being a tear-away)

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