U,V, and Lukis

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U and V
Thank you for the answers so far.
Perhaps I should clarify. Older eg 17c inscriptions would have been spelt 
HONOVR, V used where in the later 18c and nowadays we would use a 
round-bottomed U.

Re Lukis

WCL was a member of the College Youths, I saw his membership certificate at 
the Lukis Museum some 40 years ago but when I asked to see it again more 
recently, some 10 years after a big ama;gamation and reorganisation of the 
Local museums it could not be traced. A great deal of sorting and 
classifying has gone on since so it may have turned up again. The Guernsey 
Museum has a notebook of WCL’s containing the inscriptions from several 
hundred towers, some of the earlier ones are in Lukis on Church Bells, the 
later ones not, so presumably he continued collecting them after the book 
was published, and there must have been earlier notebooks now elsewhere or 
lost. There is a copy of a report in a Salisbury newspaper of the 1854 
lecture. The Museum also has a file of his correspondence, including letters 
from l’Estrange and others about bells. It also contains the originals of 
some of the plates in the book and some rubbings of inscriptions, one of 
which is of particular local interest as it seems to be of the inscriptions 
of the three Exeter bells of the Vale Church which were recast into six in 

The address is: Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery, Candie Gardens, St Peter 
Port, GY1 1UG
01481 700477.

John David


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