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Wed Apr 16 10:19:20 BST 2003

It being the largest doesn't make it particularly historic. Is 
Liverpool Cathedral an historic ring? Only in the short term. What 
about Taylor's first true-harmonic ring? Or the oldest bell still in 
regular use? Or the site of the first ever recorded peal? Or the 
tower with the first octave cast as such? An endless list - maybe we 
should have a rota of pictures :)


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> > Just a thought, but would a picture of a slightly more historic
> > bell / tower / frame (/ ringer ;)) be more appropriate than the
> > rather modern one there at the moment? :)
> What is historic depends on your perspective. As the tenor of 
> largest true-harmonic ring, I think the bell is historic. It also
> happens to
> be the tenor at my home tower, and I've no plans to change it for 
> photo at present.
> David

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