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Can anyone help with this?

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A friend of mine recently purchased a large (What appears to be brass)
bell from an auction at the "recently closed" Kemper Military Academy in
Booneville, Missouri. The bell was manufactured by C.W. Coffin Buckeye
Bellfoundry in Cincinnati, Ohio. The date stamped on the bell is 1849.
It also has a series of inscriptions surrounding the top of the bell. My
friend is looking for any information on the Buckeye Bellfoundry and any
info on the how to tell what the inscription represents. Also, is there
any way to put a value on what the bell is worth? Do you have any info
on the foundry, and is it still open? Thank you very much for your

Neal Kohrs
St.Louis, Mo.
nskohrs at a... 

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