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David & Mary Kelly bells at k...
Thu Apr 17 18:38:47 BST 2003

As Chris suspects it isn't a G&J bell. The mistake is entirely mine; at my request Alan Buswell searched the G&J records for a bell with this reference number and came up with one of the same diameter cast in 1931 for Bannercross, Sheffield. I erroneously assumed that this bell was the Bannercross bell (the seller didn't know where it had come from) and provided this information to the seller. Remi Hodister from Willenhall viewed the bell on Sunday and says that it is not a G&J bell and that it appears to be cast iron! I understand that Remi made this clear when he viewed it.
I wasn't aware it was back for sale on Ebay as it did not sell in the sale ending on 16th April.


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