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Attached is the response sent direct to Ebay's questions for the seller. I
have also emailed a private email address with the same information.

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When the bell was inspected last Sunday it was found not to be the G&J bell
cast for Bannercross, Sheffield. Instead of bell-metal it appears to be cast
iron. It was just a coincidence that the 4 digit code matched the G&J
records for a bell of the same size.
Sorry but its not as described!
Dave Kelly, Secretary, Keltek Trust

Question from: keltektrust
Title of item: Church Bell
Seller: ibab7
Starts: 14-Apr-03 19:31:25 BST
Ends: 24-Apr-03 19:31:25 BST
Price: Currently £21.00
To view the item, go to:

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