The "Guinness" Book of Bells

Andrew Aspland aaspland at y...
Sat Apr 19 09:54:49 BST 2003

So far we have:
First complete 12: St Michael's Cornhill, Phelps 1728 [Michael Wilby]
Oldest Complete 12: St Paul's Cathedral, Taylor 1878 [Andrew Aspland]

First Complete 13: Leeds Parish Church, Mears 1840 [Andrew Aspland]

First Complete 10: Lichfield??? [Michael Wilby]
Oldest Complete 10: Bury St Edmunds??? [Michael Wilby]
Don't Derby Cathedral rate amongst these?

First Complete 8: Bishops Cannings, John Wallis of Salisbury 1602 [Anne
Oldest Complete 8: Merton College, Oxford 1680 [David Bryant]

First Complete 6: Will we ever know?
Oldest Complete 6: Martley, Worcs, Richard Keene 1673 [David Bagley]

Can't be doing with all these averages but I will note
St Swithuns Worcester a 6 with the most recent bell dated 1654. [David


Longest unguided draught (measured r/c floor to ceiling):

Longest draught (measured r/c floor to gudgeon):

Shortest draught:


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