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I inspected an 1880s Warner ring today, and they all had borders of
leaves on them. Do these borders have a name?

I was surprised to see that one of the bells had the founder's mark from
its predecessor reproduced in facsimile, with the remainder of the
inscription reproduced in Warner's lettering. When did they start
reproducing in facsimile? And on a similar note, when are the first
known instances of Whitechapel and Taylor's reproducing inscriptions in


Clement Tozier II of Salisbury cast a bell for Broadchalke in 1704 but the
inscription is very obviously taken from its 1659 predecessor by William
Purdue. Whether the fount was copied I do not know, and I think the bell has
been recast since. At Corsham and at Holy Trinity, Bradford on Avon, Thomas
Bilbie reused the Rudhall inscription, I To The Church The Living Call And
To The Grave Do Summon All, on the tenor when he recast them in 1758 and
1762 respectively. The third bell at Holy Trinity had its 1680 inscription
reproduced in facsimile, by Gillett and Johnston when they recast it in
Anne Willis

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