[Bell Historians] Heaviest Three

Wed Jul 2 09:50:28 BST 2003

>>Clynnog Fawr, Gwyn, Wales, S Beuno (GF), 3, 18-0-5 in E. Tuning:
1,3,5 of 6. SH414497<<

These are a superb ring - hung in a modern teak 3 bell frame in the centre of a very large tower. I visited in 1990 and they were very well
maintained. The local used to oil the frame with linseed oil and consequently looked as though it had been varnished. From memory I think 1 and 2 are
old hung on canon retaining headstocks whilst the tenor is modern. Plenty of room for more bells and they would make a very fine 6. I think the Tenor
is Taylors but I would need to check the photos I took on my visit to be sure.

>>On the Website "The Church of St. Michael the Archangel, Kirkby Malham."  Compiled by David Tippey, 1999 appears the following:
"Next to the baptistery is the area below the tower where the bells are rung, they are probably the heaviest peal of three in Yorkshire and the great
tenor weighs (1.275 tonnes) and bears inscription "God save our Church and Queen and Realme" and is dated 1601. This makes it the second largest
church bell in Yorkshire after the great tenor bell at Ripon Cathedral."

I have no idea where this information came from but it is clearly erroneous.
Not only is the tenor cast in 1602 but who has suggested that it is the second largest church bell in Yorkshire?  Did he mean "in the diocese of
Ripon"?  Was this true in 1602 or, indeed, ever?<<

In 1602 the largest bell at Ripon was the Mary Bell which was originally cast for Fountains Abbey , diameter of 4 feet 3 inches weighing 24cwr approx.
This bells wasn't part of the ringing peal as it was hung in the north westtower, separate from the ringing bells, so it is probably incorrect to
refer to it as "the great tenor bell at Ripon Cathedral." This bell survived until 1762 when it was broken up along with the other 5 bells at the
Cathedral and recast into a ring of 8, Tenor 19-3-8 in E by Lester and Pack. I would be very interested to know of any information about the Lester
and Pack bells or their predecessor.


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