[Bell Historians] Re: Heaviest Three

David Bryant david at b...
Sat Jul 5 23:41:52 BST 2003

CJP wrote:

"Another ex-three that hasn't (I think) been mentioned, is St.John's,
Eastbourne (Sussex) - a Taylor three of 1911, 1 26.5 4-0-22 E, 2 33.5 7-2-22
B, and 3 39" 22-2-5 E. These were 1, 4 and 8 of eight, hung for ringing in a
lowside frame. I've heard that were only ever rung once or twice - and the
band that rang there in the 60s or 70s had to drill rope holes in the
(original) floors. Sold fairly recently, and the tenor is currently at
Taylors awaiting despatch as the tenor of the remodelled ring at Hobart

A bit late on this one, but how many pits were there in the frame?

I've seen the tenor at Taylor's, now equipped with a new headstock and other
fittings. Presumably the fittings of 1911 were scrapped.


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