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Wed Jul 2 11:49:42 BST 2003

A new topic!

Soundweld would like to know what has happened to the bells listed below. I gather they quoted for welding them, but as yet have not done so. The only one I've been able to tell them about is the old back two at Preston, which were scrapped (but does anyone know who they were sold to as scrap?). If anyone can shed light on any of the others please do - keep the discussion on the list and I'll email them any results in a few days' time.


-St Helen's Church, Ilkley, Yorks.
-3rd bell from Harpford
-Tenor bell from St Mary the Virgin Church, Cranworth, Norfolk
-Tenor bell from Edwardstone, Suffolk
-St Andrew's Church, Weston-on-Trent, Staffs
-St Mary and All Saints Church, Whitmore, Staffs
-St Lawrence Church, Chapel Chorlton, Staffs
-Call bell from St Chad‘s Church, Stafford St Chad, Staffs
-St John the Evangelist Church, Bury, West Sussex
-9th & 10th bells from St John's Church, Preston
-Tenor bell from St Mary's Church, Dunsforth, N Yorks.
-Tenor bell from St Mary's Church, Boroughbridge, Yorks.
-2nd bell from St Patrick's Church, Patrick Brompton, N Yorks.
-Tenor, 3rd & treble bells from St Nicholas's Church, Canewdon, Essex
-St Chad Church, Middlesmoor, N Yorks.
-5th bell from St Martin's Church, Alderbury, Wilts
-Holy Trinity Church, Bilsby, Lincs.
-Tenor bell from St Peter's Church, Holton St Peter, Suffolk
-3rd bell from St Laurence’s Church, Meriden

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