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>From the bellfoundry report on Boroughbridge.
"The Tenor may be cracked. From a visual inspection under difficult conditi=
ons, there appears to be a fine crack radiating from the cast in crown stap=
le and stretching for a distance of some 5 to 6 inches from the centre of t=
he bell. This fine crack may only be observed on the inside of the bell. Th=
e tone of the bell appears unaffected."

As for Middlesmoor
No cracks were found when the bells were rehung.=20

Yours Ian
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> >>Tenor bell from St Mary's Church, Boroughbridge, Yorks. >>
> Restoration project in hand so SoundWeld may hear about this in the nea=
r future. However I haven't heard any mention of Soundweld in relation to =
> current plans

Is the tenor cracked?

> >>St Chad Church, Middlesmoor, N Yorks. <<
> These were restored last year including rehang and tuning by Whitechape=

Was one of the bells welded? It might be feasible that a bell was sent to=
Soundweld but they didn't know where it was from.


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