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Some of the London towers do contain strange combinations of bells. As to =
whether a ring of three is a ring of three, the answer is surely "If there =
are three bells hung for full-circle ringing", even if the frame is built f=
or more.

I think my all-time heaviest three would have been All Saints, Margaret Str=
eet, London, that notable Anglo-Catholic shrine.

Treble 30.15/16" Eb

Second (i.e. 4th in 8) 36.15/16" Bb

Tenor: 53.7/8" Eb c.28-cwt

On all: CAST BY JOHN WARNER & SONS LONDON 1858. / (Royal Arms) / PATENT=20

They were hung for ringing in a frame for five; in 1966 the wheels were in =
bits. The two vacant pits implied that the never added bells would have be=
en 2 and 6 in 8.

They were replicas of 1,4, and 8 of E. B. Denison's Doncaster ring, and cas=
t to his specifications (at a significant date !); oddly the treble has six=
canons, whilst the two larger bells have Doncaster heads. The treble also=
had a cast-in staple with the two others having independent ones.

About 1967, Mears broke the tenor up in the tower, so presumably there is a=
n exact scrapping weight, and rehung the two smaller bells 'dead' on the fi=
ve-bell frame. Thus passed the heaviest three.........(?)


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Another heavy one is Knightsbridge, St Paul (Wilton Place). 3 bells tenor
They are not now ringable, but I do have some pictures on Church Bells of
Westminster (which won't be much use to anyone as I haven't ftp'd it yet,
but I may put this page up in advance).


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