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There were two other reportedly "thumping great" threes in Anglo-Catholic c=
hurches in London. Both churches were bombed and both have been rebuilt wi=
th 1 bell.
Both have saddleback towers - St Alban Holborn at the west end (now equippe=
d with a 6-cwt modern Mears bell), and St Matthias, Stoke Newington, where =
it is over the choir area, now with an 11-cwt Mears bell. Both were design=
ed by William Butterfield, who also designed All Saints, Margaret Street. =
Two of the St Matthias bells (by Warners) went on down to Aveton Giffard ne=
ar Plymouth, to replace the bombed eight in part, but were never installed=
, and subsequently scrapped=20=20

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Another ex-three that hasn't (I think) been mentioned, is St.John's, East=
bourne (Sussex) - a Taylor three of 1911, 1 26.5 4-0-22 E, 2 33.5 7-2-22 B,=
and 3 39" 22-2-5 E. These were 1, 4 and 8 of eight, hung for ringing in a =
lowside frame. I've heard that were only ever rung once or twice - and the =
band that rang there in the 60s or 70s had to drill rope holes in the (orig=
inal) floors. Sold fairly recently, and the tenor is currently at Taylors =
awaiting despatch as the tenor of the remodelled ring at Hobart Cathedral.
According to RW 8 September 1911, the parish was offered a ring of twelve=
bells, but because of local opposition only three were installed

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