[Bell Historians] Heavy Threes

David Bryant david at b...
Tue Jul 8 13:43:48 BST 2003

> St John's Eastbourne: We rang there in October 1969 and did indeed have to
> make holes in the floor. There were 3 low side pits only and there was
> certainly not enough space for another 5 pits. The bells were

Were the fittings standard Taylor cast iron stocks, Hastings stays, plain
bearings, etc, as you would expect of Taylor's in 1911?

> Highnam: The bells, 3-bell frame and fittings, are all Mears 1850 except
> that the bearings were renewed by the same firm in the 1890s. I question
> whether the tower is unsafe; the frame was not too bad either but was
> into the tower at head level. The fittings were not in bad shape in 1981
> when I remember mending the treble wheel. The tenor had at least one loose
> gudgeon I also remember. The weights and notes are:

Wasn't there talk of installing a lighter ring of six there a few years ago?


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