[Bell Historians] Re: New topic (soundweld)

David Bryant david at b...
Wed Jul 9 18:03:15 BST 2003

> There's no mention of them on the Keltek spreadsheet and they 
> organised the rehousing of the front 6. 
> ISTR a conversation with one of the Preston ringers who was under the 
> impression that the Preston bells, particularly the back ones, had a 
> high probability of cracking due to the casting process - something to 
> do with a square sectioned cast-in crown staple ????. (sorry I was a 
> newbie at the time and it didn't mean much)

Yes, C19 Whitechapel bells (and C18 Bilbie bells, I've noticed) have cast-in crown staples which are have roots which are square in section, rather than the more traditional round section ones. The result is that when they rust and expand cracks tend to start at the corners. Provided the 7th and 8th from Preston hadn't already cracked then cutting the staple roots out with a reciprocating saw would remove the risk.


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