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> ISTR a conversation with one of the Preston ringers who was under the 
> impression that the Preston bells, particularly the back ones, had a 
> high probability of cracking due to the casting process - something to 
> do with a square sectioned cast-in crown staple ????. 

This seems to be common with Mears bells of this vintage. The part of the 
cast in crown staple which was actually cast into the bell was square. As the 
bell metal cooled down and contracted around the ironwork - cracks often eminated 
from the corners of the staple. Normally this cannot be seen until canons 
have been removed. 4 of the back 5 bells at Marston Bigot, Som were cracked in 
this way - warners rehung them cracked in 1912 as no ironwork remained in them 
when we removed them last year. Just goes to prove that sometimes crown cracks 
can last a long time - 90 years and shedloads of ringing at Marston including 
numerous long lengths.

All of the back 5 bells at Marston have since been recast by WBF to G&J 
profiles - all I can say is that we are exceptionally impressed with them.



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