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Francis Cheetham The Church Bells of Lancashire, Trans. Lancashire & Cheshi=
re Ant. Soc, Vol XXXVIII (1920): Manchester, 1922, pp 87-94 gives an accoun=
t of the eight bells at St John's which he visited in the period 1917-1920.=
They were then a complete ring of eight by Thomas Mears I 1814; inter alia=
celebrating the 4th June (2nd) FOUNDATION STONE OF THIS STEEPLE LAID (3rd)=
F PEACE. At the time they all still retained their canons and hung in a wo=
oden frame, of which a plan is given. The whole church, including the tower=
(again) was rebuilt 1853-5.

The weights & diameters at the time were:=20
Treble 32" 7-0-4
2nd 33" 7-0-14
3rd 35" 8-0-14
4th 38" 9-2-9
5th 41" 12-0-7
6th 43" 13-1-23
7th 48" 18-0-7
Tenor 54" 25-1-14 D

Presumably canons removed and tuned to 24-0-18 when the trebles were added.

Before the above ring of 8, there was a ring of eight, tenot 20-cwt by Rudh=
all, 1711-12, which it was decided to recast - but probably not done - 1762=
; prior to 1711 a ring of five.

It will be noted that the ring was cast long before the Battle of Waterloo;=
and was first rung for Christmass 1815.

Finally, An Atlas of Bells (Ron Johnston) contains the magic phrase you've =
all been waiting for (p. 147): "The other rings of ten were provided.....IN=
1934 at Preston...."


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According to Felstead the first ten bell peal at Preston was in 1935.=20
There were many rung before this. The implication on the tower site=20
that they were ten in 1914 is, therefore, I would suggest, incorrect.

In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, David Bryant <david at b...> wrote:
> > According to my records Preston 1&2 were M&S 1934 and the back=20
> > 1814. I would hesitate to call the back eight modern Mears.
> > From memory they were a pretty dismal lot, as are a good many=20
> The tower website says
> This ring dated back to 1814, when eight bells were cast at the=20
Whitechapel Bellfoundry in London, and
> first rung to celebrate the victory of the battle of Waterloo. A=20
century later, the bells needed considerable attention, and
> after restoration work, the ring was augmented to ten bells with=20
the addition of two new trebles. At the same time the
> old timber bellframe was replaced by a new, metal one.
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