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Yes. The Great Western Arcade bells were cast at Whitechapel - possibly fo=
r a firm of clockmakers in 1984. They made two identical chimes for the ne=
w Shopping Centre in Margate for Gillett & Johnston Ltd at the same time. =
Details are on Dickon's Kent Bells site.

But the loud set of bells that JW heard are not these. There is a street m=
arket not far from Moor Street Station (can't remember which street) with a=
large clock with loud synthetic bells sounds at the quarters.

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> ... the clock chime in the Great Western Arcade, between Moor=20
> Street and Snow Hill stations, at the end nearest to Colmore Row.=20=20
Is anyone able to give accurate details?

I will partly answer my own question - had slightly more time before=20
the train yesterday. I'm pretty sure I can make out 'Whitechapel' on=20
the largest bell, but my failing eyesight couldn't read the date.=20
However, I note that the arcade was re-opened in 1984, which perhaps=20
gives a pretty large clue...

On a different subject, I read CD's article in this week's Ringing=20
World yesterday. Having visited Tyntesfield myself, I am interested=20
to know where the 1815 Mears bell was to be found - the article seems=20
to imply it was not in the turret, nor in the 'spirelet'. My tour=20
guide did not refer to the bells, even though the history of the=20
Eayre bell makes a nice little story, even for those without specific=20
interest in bells (it is possibly the oldest datable artefact in the=20
house) - perhaps worth suggesting to the NT? Keep up the good work=20
in bringing our passion as bell historians to a wider audience...


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