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> Yes. The Great Western Arcade bells were cast at Whitechapel - 
possibly for a firm of clockmakers in 1984. They made two identical 
chimes for the new Shopping Centre in Margate for Gillett & Johnston 
Ltd at the same time. Details are on Dickon's Kent Bells site.
> But the loud set of bells that JW heard are not these. There is a 
street market not far from Moor Street Station (can't remember which 
street) with a large clock with loud synthetic bells sounds at the 
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> > ... the clock chime in the Great Western Arcade, between Moor 
> > Street and Snow Hill stations, at the end nearest to Colmore 
> Is anyone able to give accurate details?
> I will partly answer my own question - had slightly more time 
> the train yesterday. I'm pretty sure I can make 
out 'Whitechapel' on 
> the largest bell, but my failing eyesight couldn't read the 
> However, I note that the arcade was re-opened in 1984, 

Is This the arcade with clock and three bells inside the arcade?
There is a similar type of thing at The Morrisons 
superstore in Blackburn, Lancashire-three small bells though 
situated around the clock dial with jacks in the style of monkeys 
that "Hit" the bells- I am not sure if the bells are real though, as 
the monkeys look like they stop short of actually hitting the bells.
Does anyone know the weight of The Great Western Arcade bells?-
if its the place I am thinking of, there were three bells tenor 
around 8-10cwt

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