[Bell Historians] Spurious Dove "exact" tenor weights

David Bryant david at b...
Wed Jul 23 18:50:32 BST 2003

In case anyone's interested, the St James Taunton position is as follows.

George Massey has checked the churchwardens' accounts, and the weight does
not come from there. Both Taylor's and Whitechapel have done work there, and
I wrote to both several years ago. Whitechapel gave me the weights of the
two trebles, which they cast, and Taylor's provided the weight of of 5th,
which they cast. None of the other bells appear to have been weighed, and in
any cast I am naturally suspicions of a weight ending in -14.

The bell is 46½" diameter, in E. It is fairly short waisted, and its canons
have been removed. What do people think would be a realistic estimated
weight for it?


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