[Bell Historians] Spurious Dove "exact" tenor weights

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Wed Jul 23 22:47:12 BST 2003

Assuming a bell of usual thickness and profile, around 17½ cwt, but I 
could be more certain if you could tell us who cast it (assuming I 
have comparative details of other bells by that founder, to calculate 
the likely thickness constant). It's certainly not going to be 
anything like 19-3-14; it would take a Grimthorpe bell or a long-
waisted, thick medieaval bell to be that weight at 46½ inches in E.

Andrew Bull

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> In case anyone's interested, the St James Taunton position is as 
> George Massey has checked the churchwardens' accounts, and the 
weight does
> not come from there. Both Taylor's and Whitechapel have done work 
there, and
> I wrote to both several years ago. Whitechapel gave me the weights 
of the
> two trebles, which they cast, and Taylor's provided the weight of 
of 5th,
> which they cast. None of the other bells appear to have been 
weighed, and in
> any cast I am naturally suspicions of a weight ending in -14.
> The bell is 46½" diameter, in E. It is fairly short waisted, and 
its canons
> have been removed. What do people think would be a realistic 
> weight for it?
> David

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