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There are no actual records from Warners foundry, where bellfounding was re=
ally little more than a sideline of a much larger brassfounding and metalwo=
rking business. They cast something like 6000 to 7000 bells between 1850 a=
nd 1920. The best published accounts of the firm are in Elphick's Sussex, a=
nd in Bill Butler's book on Handbells

As far as Ivinghoe is concerned, I very much doubt if the old bells were "r=
ecycled". In those days old bells were more or less invariably recast, and =
finding new homes for sound old bells was extremely uncommon (though there =
are some instances)

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I'm new to the list, and wonder if there's anyone out there who can help =

I'm a ringer at Chippenham, Wilts, and am also interested in local histor=

On a history list of which I am a member there was a bell enquiry which I=
'm passing on to you:


Corrall asks: "Does any one know anything of the history of John Warner b=
ell foundry?

The bells of Ivinghoe, St Mary the Virgin, Bucks were cast there in 1875.

I'm told that the original 5 bells were augmented to 6, and that some of =
the bells were 'recycled and sent off to other churches'."


Corrall wants to know if she could find records about her church's bells =
and where they were sent. Do records of John Warner's foundry still exist?

Many thanks in advance for any information.


Joanna Wheatland

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