Great John, Beverley

John Paul Adams J.Adams at u...
Thu Jul 24 12:53:38 BST 2003

Currently reading "Towers and Bells of Britain" by Ernest Morris as
I've finished Private Eye and need something to read on the bus.

Page 108 talks about Beverley Minster and says about the Bourdon:

"The reader will wonder when he reads that a bell of such a weight
as this Bourdon is raised and rung with ease. The hanging of it must
be truly magnificent."

I checked David's WWW site to try and find a copy of his recent article
about large bells hung for ringing, but can't see one there. Nothing on
the Bellhistorians site or on the mesage archive.

Does "raised" mean full circle? Has the hanging changed since the book was
published (1955)?

You'll be pleased to know the next Private Eye is out today, so TABOB gets
put back on the shelf for a while.


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