[Bell Historians] Great John, Beverley

David Bryant david at b...
Thu Jul 24 14:47:11 BST 2003

> Page 108 talks about Beverley Minster and says about the Bourdon:
> "The reader will wonder when he reads that a bell of such a weight
> as this Bourdon is raised and rung with ease. The hanging of it must
> be truly magnificent."

It's hung fo slow swinging, on a deeply arched headstock.It has very early
examples of roller bearings.

Originally, it was swung every Sunday, as stated in a pamphlet on the bells
of the two Beverley churches written by Canon Nolloth, who had both rings
installed. Somehow there is now a tradition that the bell is only swung on
the death of royalty, which is a pity. I've not rung it myself, but I'm told
that it needs a number of people to swing it to any height.

Earlier in the year I started a website on the bells of the York Diocese,
which is rather embryonic at present, but does have a page on Beverley
Minster, which includes a picture of Great John. The site is at
http://www.bryantd.fsnet.co.uk/york_diocese/index.htm. Click on the East
Riding Archdeaconry section, then on Beverley Minster.


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