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Cardiff City Hall: Clock chime 9-3-0; 13-0-14; 16-2-14; 34-1-0 Hour bell:
51-0-14 G&J 1903 Superb tone. (cost: "£1277 +£120 for fixing")

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I can - thanks to Taylors - provide answers to come of Andrew's queries.
Perhaps Mike Chester could now add details to the chimes list?

Ossett, Town Hall, Yorks: Five clock bells, largest 7-2-16, per Potts of
Leeds, Jan.1908

Dewsbury, Town Hall, Yorks: Clock bells per Potts of Leeds, 20 Feb.1889.
Bells 5-1-23, 8-1-1, 11-0-14, 24-2-11 and 35-0-12 (84-2-5). Oak frame,
fittings etc. £560.11.1.

Batley, Carnegie Free Library, Yorks: Four quarter bells, per Potts 1906.
24", 26½", 29.625", 36.625", and hour bell (Warner – [possibly 1879 - can
anyone confirm?]) 53.875", 3-3-15, 5-0-20, 6-2-11, 10-3-4.

Huddersfield, Cooperative Society, Buxton Road, Yorks: Four clock bells,
largest 9-0-5, per Potts of Leeds, Nov.1904

Cleckheaton, Town Hall, Yorks: Bells for Cleckheaton Town Hall, per Potts
of Leeds, 20 Sept.1892 - 5-1-7, 5-3-20, 7-0-14, 14-3-15 and 21-1-17 (total
54-2-17). Cost £273.5.2.

Keighley, Institute, Yorks: Clock bells, per Potts of Leeds, 28 March
1892. Five bells - no destination - 4-1-12, 5-2-20, 7-1-1, 15-1-25 and
25-1-11 (total 58-0-13) - daybook shows for Keighley Institute (weights

Middlesbrough Town Hall, Yorks: Clock bells through Robert Richardson,
clock manufacturer, Middlesbrough, 4 July 1889 - 5-0-1, 6-0-8, 7-2-5,
17-1-17, 47-1-6 (total 83-1-9); fixing the bells for Richardson invoiced
separately on 20 July 1889.

Thornaby, Town Hall, Yorks: Five clock bells, largest 7-3-26, per Potts
of Leeds, July 1908

Also at Thornaby - South Stockton [also known as Thornaby on Tees], Yorks:
Hours and four quarter bells for South Stockton, per Potts of Leeds, 13
Nov.1891 - 1-2-3, 2-1-7, 3-2-16, 6-0-18 and 8-1-11 (total 21-3-27). Cost
£115 9s.

This leaves Lindley Clock Tower and Hartforth Hall unaccounted for from
Andrew's list. The above details are incomplete only because I had
specifically sought details of work for Potts (when editing the Potts clock
catalogues for publication by the AHS) and regarding heavy bells (for the
Great Bells list now on the Keltek website). But this information should
fill quite a lot of gaps

Morley Town Hall has a Warner clock chime of five bells, largest 35 cwt,
according to their catalogues. I've assume these are 1895 (the date of the
Town Hall), though I'd ve very keen to have full details of date, diameters
and (if available) weights.

Don't know anything about Dewsbury Co-Op

The whole Town Hall thing is covered in an excellent book on Victorian and
Edwardian Town Halls by Colin Cunningham (RKP, 1981) - a comprehensive
acount, and well illustrated (but nothing on bells). Colin taught me Latin
at school (about as succesfully as Paul Cattermole taught me maths!) and
later went on to teach architectural history with the OU. His father used
to be Rector of Hanbury (Ambridge and Worcestershire's finest Taylor eight)
and did have a go at ringing. He also printed Paul Cattermole's little
booklet on The Bells of Bale


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